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love is a battlefield


I have no idea where this came from. but I couldn’t hold it back and even though I should have been doing homework, I wrote this instead. 

it’s my first crisscolfer drabble, and it’s all love, love, love. and emotion. ~1k words. slightly nc-17-ish? brief descriptions of love-making. it’s also untitled because nothing sums it up appropriately in my eyes. enjoy, my loves. 

also, thank you to the beautiful kayla, who read it beforehand and made me feel more confident about it. 

When they sleep together that night, Chris removes his own shirt.

And Darren pulls his eyes away from the shoes he’d been removing and looks at Chris, all chiseled lines and fair skin and adorable freckles. He’s of course seen Chris shirtless before, but thinking about it, he’s never really seen him. Not like this. Not with the low lights and unhurried quiet, where no one’s rushing to set or on stage, neither rushing to both please and come between takes in their trailers. Not with the promise that Darren can step forward, touch, and appreciate. Not with endless minutes ahead. He’s never looked at Chris and had the chance to admire, to worship, to adore. He partly wishes he’d been the one to slip the shirt off his shoulders, so he could kiss those collarbones as the fabric rolled down his body.

Instead, Darren stops and smiles, and Chris looks worried, almost scared.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, his shirt already on the floor, his pants low on his hips. “I thought we were taking off our clothes.”

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3 times Aaron plans their date and one time Carson does
Caaron (Carson Phillips/Aaron Christopherson)

A/N: for bee<3 who gave me the prompt forever ago, and I got stuck until yesterday.
thanks to cloud & robert for reading it over<333

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I. Unicorn Cafe

They meet in his Intro to Philosophy class at Northwestern, the spring of their sophomore year.

The first time he notices him is early March. Aaron spouts off a well-thought-out response to a question Carson asks the professor. More intelligent and thought out than anyone he’s ever met, even if his peers at college are better than the ones he had in high school. Carson approaches him after class with the intent of telling him just this, and before he knows it, he’s got a phone number and a standing date for the following Friday.


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Everything’s coming up Kurt

Three-Octave Range
Chris Colfer

Chris and his three-octave vocal range -download-

Anonymous asked:
Just saw on Entertainment Tonight that Darren is going to be in A Great Big World's music video Already Home. Which is to be release Monday. Hoping you have more info on this. ET said pics were on their website but I could find it. Thanks for all you do!! ~Toni


Yay the news is finally out! He filmed it on April 5th & 6th.

And no the pics are not there yet, I’ll keep an eye for them. Thank you :)

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